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The Comeback

By Spirit Industries

Recognising that the 2020 Cheer & Dance competition is going to look a bit different, Spirit Industries has put together an exciting & unique virtual event experience that is as close to the real thing as possible! Programs will perform live and get to watch their competitors live from their gyms & studios, with judges watching in real time and awards given out at the end of each day. 

How does it work?

Perform live from your facility.

Programs will broadcast their routine LIVE from their gym or studio to Cheercast’s production studio in Melbourne.

Real time judging.

Judges will watch and judge routines live, with access to Cheercast’s replay system as a backup if they experience any network issues.

Watch live from your facility!

Programs will have access to watch the live stream from their gym or studio, just like a normal competition!

Safe & secure, as always!

After the event, routines will be available as normal on Cheercast, with only authorised members of their program able to access their routines.

Instructions & support articles for The Comeback

Broadcasting from your facility

Learn more about the process for broadcasting from your facility to ours.

Watching a Spirit Industries live stream

Learn more about how The Comeback will be broadcast and who has access to the live stream.

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The Comeback Nationals

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